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Our Process

Our quarterly meetings will be structured around your personal financial priorities outlined in our initial meeting.  Each meeting we will focus our discussion on a specific goal. 

Possible Planning Curriculum:

  • Investment Planning
  • Educational Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate & Tax Strategies
  • Risk & Insurance Planning

Comprehensive Wealth  Management Service

Client Goals: To delegate analysis  and decision making to a trusted  advisor regarding all aspects of  holistic financial life.

These clients see total wealth  management as the ability to have  their financial lives planned  completely in a thoughtful  manner, removing the burden of  worry.

Our Comprehensive Wealth  Management Service provides  total management of clients  wealth. Investment, advice and  estate planning issues.

We will review, on a quarterly  basis, all financial issues relating  to:

  1. Growth and creation of wealth
  2. Preservation of wealth
  3. Distribution of wealth
  4. Maintenance of wealth and wishes after death

Confident Investor Service

Client Goals: To delegate investment decisions to a trusted  advisor who has the experience  and resources to manage  investments in clients’ best  interest, in line with their goals.

These clients see investment  management as a way to reach  financial goals, but free up time.

Our Confident Investor Service is  designed for clients seeking  investment services only through  a fee-based investment account.

We will review goals and risk  tolerance parameters, as well as  maintain all aspects of the  investment accounts. We will  provide an annual investment  review to make sure your goals  are still aligned with your  investment strategies.

Collaborator Service

Client Goals: To address specific  financial issues such as:

  • 401(k) rollovers
  • Establishing IRA’s
  • Insurance Planning
  • Saving/budgeting

These clients want guidance on  specific solutions for a specific  situation or goal.

Our Collaborator Service clients  have more limited or simple  needs. They may have questions  about specific issues or products  that we can help establish or  resolve.

We will engage in an initial review  to determine the scope of the  project or questions. The  engagement ends once the  product is established/question is  resolved.