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Senior Planning

<span>Give Your Loved Ones the Care They Deserve</span>

Give Your Loved Ones the Care They Deserve

Our parents give so much to us, often making enormous sacrifices for our care. And sometimes, as they age, the roles are reversed, and you may find yourself responsible for the care of an aging parent or other loved one. 

Without proper planning, this can become a financial burden to many adult children. No matter how willing you may be to make that sacrifice for your loved one, proper senior planning can provide your parents with better care while ensuring that you and your children don’t suffer financially.

<strong>Investing in Long-Term Care Insurance</strong>

Investing in Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance can help to pay for necessary care, including expenses for in-home care or a live-in care facility. If you intend to be responsible for the well-being of an aging parent, you can purchase long-term care insurance for them. In these cases, you would pay for the policy while listing your parent as the insured beneficiary.

With this kind of insurance, most people can afford better care for their parents while minimizing their own financial responsibility. This allows you to protect your own financial stability but continue giving your parent the best care available.

<span>Providing Support with Estate Planning</span>

Providing Support with Estate Planning

Far too many senior citizens don’t have a sufficient estate plan in place. Zircon Financial Services can provide a review of an existing estate plan, then make recommendations regarding how to improve the plan and better protect your loved one’s assets. 

Ensuring your senior loved one is protected, provided for, and well cared for later in life shouldn’t be a burden—and it doesn’t have to be. Let our team help you with proper senior planning, so you can feel assured that your parents will receive the care they need.

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