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Comprehensive Financial Planning Services for All Stages of Life

The right way to manage your finances is different for every person, and it changes as your life undergoes different transitions. While you might be focused on asset accumulation during your working years, that certainly won’t be your focus when you retire, will it? Instead, you’ll need to shift your financial focus to wealth distribution.

Financial advisors that focus solely on investing and asset growth simply can’t provide the comprehensive financial services that you need to guide you through all of life’s transitions. That’s why, as Advisory Representatives of Lincoln Financial Securities, we take a holistic approach to financial planning. We look at where you’re at, where you’re headed, and all of the transitions in between so we can better guide you through all stages of your financial journey.

Providing Financial Confidence through Education

In addition to providing holistic financial services, Zircon Financial also places an emphasis on education. Often, financial uncertainty stems not from a lack of funds, but a lack of understanding how to manage your own wealth.

We often see this in women, particularly those who previously relied on spouses to manage the household finances. Whether through death or divorce, many women can find themselves with assets that they don’t understand how to manage, and they can make costly mistakes as a result.

Our goal is not to simply help you manage your wealth and assets, but to help empower you to become a more confident investor. We help to educate our clients on their own finances, so you can be a more active participant in your own financial success.

Our Services and Specialties

Our professionals offer a one-stop shop for all of your wealth management and financial planning needs. Whether you’re looking to build wealth, protect assets, or manage the distribution of your wealth, we have the services you need. You can learn more about each of our service categories at the links below.

Find the customized financial services you need to reach your goals.