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Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management—From Accumulation to Distribution

At Zircon Financial Services, we’re more than just investment managers—we’re wealth managers. What’s the difference?

While we skillfully help you plan your investments and manage your portfolio, we look beyond the simple growth of your assets. We look to the future, and consider all aspects of your life and how your wealth will impact and be impacted by all of life’s little changes. We plan not only for your money’s growth, but for its taxation, distribution, and transfer to others. 

Investment Planning and Growth of Wealth

Most people in their working years are focused on growing their assets and increasing their net worth. We’ll help you manage your portfolio, recommend additional investment opportunities, and make any adjustments necessary to help your finances grow.

<span>Income Distribution in Retirement</span>

Income Distribution in Retirement

When it comes time to retire, your financial focus should shift from accumulation to distribution. Unfortunately, after decades of focusing on growing their wealth, many people are uncertain of how to make this shift in the way they handle their finances.

We can help guide you through this transition and provide recommendations on when to begin taking Social Security income, which retirement accounts to draw from first, and how to ensure you have a steady, reliable source of income throughout your retirement years.

Tax Strategies 

Taxes are inevitable, but many financial advisors simply don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to advise their clients in this area. At Zircon Financial Services, we work with a team of CPAs that can devise in-depth tax strategies appropriate for your stage of life.

Take Control of Your Wealth Today for a Better Tomorrow

Wealth management shouldn’t solely be focused on growing your wealth now. That’s why we help you grow your assets while also planning for how that wealth will impact your future.

If you want your wealth to be the driving force behind a more prosperous future, you need to start properly managing your finances today. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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